Aerial Surveys

(Manned and/or Drone)

Through strategic partnerships we are able to deliver the following:

Aerial Photogrammetry:  Photos are taken from a manned aircraft or drone, those photos are then stitched together in order to create a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) that is georeferenced. From this model contours can be generated. Line mapping can also be generated from the model/Combined aerial photo.

Aerial Lidar:  A Lidar attached to a Manned Aircraft or drone can generate a point cloud where the DEM (Digital Elevation Model) can be generated from.

Orthophoto of required area(s):  The single photo can be generated from both Aerial Lidar (if equipped with camera) and Photogrammetry to give a more accurate and more detailed Aerial image than for example Google Earth image

Volume reports:  From the DEM (Digital Elevation Model) Quantities of Stockpiles, Excavation or backfill operations can be calculated.

Point cloud in standard industry file format: If only a point cloud is required, it can be issued in standard industry file formats.